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» Macaroni, Spaghetti, Vermicelli, and Noodles
» Machine Tools, Metal Cutting Types
» Machine Tools, Metal Forming Types
» Magnetic And Optical Recording Media
» Malleable Iron Foundries
» Malt
» Malt Beverages
» Management Consulting Services
» Management Investment Offices, Open-End
» Management Services
» Manifold Business Forms
» Manmade Organic Fibers, Except Cellulosic
» Manufactured Ice
» Manufacturing Industries
» Marinas
» Marine cargo handling
» Marking Devices
» Masonry, Stone Setting, and Other Stone Work
» Mattresses, Foundations, and Convertible Beds
» Measuring and Controlling Devices
» Measuring and Dispensing Pumps
» Meat and Fish (Seafood) Markets, Including Freezer Provisioners
» Meat Packing Plants
» Meats and Meat Products
» Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment
» Medical, Dental, and Hospital Equipment and Supplies
» Medical Equipment Rental and Leasing
» Medical Laboratories
» Medicinal Chemicals and Botanical Products
» Membership Organizations
» Membership Sports and Recreation Clubs
» Men's and Boys' Clothing
» Men's and Boys' Clothing and Accessory Stores
» Men's and Boy's Clothing and Furnishings
» Men's and Boys' Neckwear
» Men's and Boys' Separate Trousers and Slacks
» Men's and Boys' Shirts, Except Work Shirts
» Men's and Boys' Suits, Coats, and Overcoats
» Men's and Boys' Underwear and Nightwear
» Men's and Boys' Work Clothing
» Men's Footwear, Except Athletic
» Metal Cans
» Metal Doors, Sash, Frames, Molding, and Trim Manufacturing
» Metal Foil and Leaf
» Metal Heat Treating
» Metal Household Furniture
» Metal Mining Services
» Metal Shipping Barrels, Drums, Kegs, and Pails
» Metal Stampings
» Metals Service Centers and Offices
» Metalworking Machinery
» Millwork
» Mineral Wool
» Minerals and Earths, Ground or Otherwise Treated
» Mining Machinery and Equipment, Except Oil and Gas Field Machinery and Equipment
» Miscellaneous Apparel and Accessory Stores
» Miscellaneous business Credit Institutions
» Miscellaneous Fabricated Wire Products
» Miscellaneous Food Stores
» Miscellaneous General Merchandise Stores
» Miscellaneous home furnishings Stores
» Miscellaneous Marine Products
» Miscellaneous Metal Ores
» Miscellaneous Nonmetallic Minerals, Except Fuels
» Miscellaneous Personal Services
» Miscellaneous Publishing
» Miscellaneous Retail Stores
» Miscellaneous Structural Metal Work
» Mixed, Manufactured, or Liquefied Petroleum Gas Production and/or
» Mobile Home Dealers
» Mobile Homes
» Molded, Extruded, and Lathe-Cut Mechanical Rubber Goods
» Mortgage Bankers and Loan Correspondents
» Motion Picture Theaters, Except Drive-In
» Motion Picture and Video Tape Distribution
» Motion Picture and Video Tape Production
» Motor Homes
» Motor Vehicle Dealers (New and Used)
» Motor Vehicle Dealers (Used Only)
» Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories
» Motor Vehicle Parts, Used
» Motor Vehicle Supplies and New Parts
» Motor Vehicles and Passenger Car Bodies
» Motorcycle Dealers
» Motorcycles, Bicycles, and Parts
» Motors and Generators
» Museums and Art Galleries
» Musical Instrument Stores
» Musical Instruments

Notice: Categories with larger letters means more popular group.